WE LOVE OUR SCHOOLS....and schools love Walraven & our Sponsors!

Thank you for providing our students with free take-home folders.  Our teachers, students, and their parents found your folders very useful and appreciated the quality. Our students use the folder to take home homework, and to help communicate with parents & teachers.
We thank you for taking the time to help our school.

Cindy Johnson

Mound Elementary

The folders look so nice.  We appreciate The Walraven Company for providing these for us.

Lorrie Culpepper

Canton ISD

Thank you for allowing Fernandez Elementary to benefit from this great program! This has allowed all staff members to have a consistent and uniformed way of communication with parents throughout the year.

Randee Storts, M.A.

Fernandez Elementary School

Thank you for the folders! They are always a needed and useful item every student in the school needs. Thank you for your generosity and contribution to the success of Waco ISD students.

Kathy Densmore

Crestview Elementary

Our teachers send these folders home daily, with both work and parent notes to be returned; they are invaluable to us. Thank you.


Ann Smith

Frazier Elementary

The students are so proud of their folders. They are so excited to be organized.

Cheri Bogue

Ramey Elementary

Most of the folders are used as homework folder and announcement folders which made it easy for parents to identify the importance of its contents.
We thank you for taking the time to help our school.

Linda L Rabago

Parkdale PDS

Here at Provident Heights Elementary we encourage parent involvement. The folders are used every Wednesday with our “Wednesday Take Home Folder” strategy that is instrumental in keeping our parents in touch with the “happenings” on campus and upcoming events.

Debbie Sims

Provident Heights Elementary

Every Thursday our school sends home a campus newsletter and other important paperwork for parents. The folders you provided are perfect for getting that information home with our students.

Stacy Ceci

Celina Intermediate

We send the folders home with each student weekly to share student progress and news about school happenings. They are an important part of our home-school communication system.

Amy Jacobs

Forest North Elementary

Thank you for providing the students of Bell’s Hill Elementary with free take home folders. Notes and homework were sent home in some folders, report cards and progress reports were sent home in others. Our teachers really appreciated the folders.

Betty Mottley

Bell’s Hill PDS

Our teachers and students were very excited to see personalized folders with our school mascot. Our students take home important papers every Wednesday and now they go home in style! Thank you for providing the Take-Home folder program to our students.

Gerard Chandler

Lumberton ISD

Our students take the folders home every day and we use them to communicate with our parents. Thank you for taking the time to help our school.

Leslie Burke

Dickinson ISD

We handed out the folders to students on the first day of school for students to use to carry important information to and from home each day.  Teachers, students, and parents are excited to have a folder like this. Thank You.

Tammy Stacy

Utopia ISD

On behalf of Sands CISD, I would like to thank you for providing our students with “take-home” folders. We use these folders daily in communicating with parents. We routinely send home announcements and graded work home in these folders so parents know to look in these folders each day when their child gets home. Students also use these to put homework in on a daily basis. I know without question these folders are used often and they are very much appreciated by parents and staff alike. I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and generosity in providing these folders for our school.

Lenny Morrow

Sands CISD

We greatly appreciate your generosity of providing our students with free take-home folders. Our parents were very appreciative as well.

Victor Raga

Reba Elementary

The folders are awesome!!!!! Thank you guys so much!

Teresa Foss

Jane Long Elementary

Each of our 654 students was given a folder to take home to their parents each Thursday.  All of the student’s schoolwork for the week along with any pertinent classroom, school or district information is added to the folder.  With that much use, we have really appreciated the quality of these folders.

Charlotte Burke

Eanes Elementary

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