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FAQs for Clients

  • We do digital marketing.. print is old school
    There is so much digital content many have become blind to ads and it makes it harder for you to stand out. Print marketing has a higher trust value than digital marketing, and print marketing is tactile. People respond to materials they can touch- stimulating the brain, meaning your messages are more likely to be absorbed and the recipient is more likely to remember your brand. Print marketing can help avoid the digital blind spot and help your brand be seen in more meaningful and personal way.
  • Our business has a hard time getting into schools
    Our enrollment team has a 93% success rate working with schools, districts and PTO’s but if we don’t enroll, you don’t pay :)
  • We already support schools
    Many practices already provide one time investments but our products reach your target audience for 9.5 months! Engaging with potential clients all school year!
  • I don't think schools use car tags or folders
    Our enrollment team contacts the schools and shares samples. Sometimes schools aren't aware such products exist.
  • I don't have time to deal with this right now
    We make the process easy- we just need your addresses & proposal approval. We handle it all!
  • I don’t have school age children so don’t get school marketing
    We are here to explain the benefits of our products that schools rave about and clients love.
  • 2023 already? We have plenty of time so I will deal with this later
    It takes time to research, get budgets approved and secure schools before they purchase supplies or your competitors snatch up schools! Ideal timeline: October-December: pull research, strategy, decide target schools and backups, finalize proposal to secure schools January-April: Walraven enrollment team contacts and enrolls schools and works with schools on their art. Begin your ad design. April-May: Walraven first print run and deliver to schools who want products before end of their school year to have on hand May-July: Walraven printing and shipping and delivery to schools at least 2 weeks before starts September-October: Walraven reaches out to schools for thank you notes that we share with sponsors- you can use on social media, etc.
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